Walking Billboards – How It Can Change Your Advertising Game

Standing out from a crowd can be challenging work, especially when there are a lot of competitors in the market. With the advancement in technology advertising, a product or service has become much more interesting and engaging. You would agree how your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are filled with ads that keep you engaged and make you want to grab the product or service there and then.

But, what these types of advertising mostly miss out on is the basic form of human interaction or face-to-face interaction. Although a basic form of advertising, the face-to-face interaction can (not-so-surprisingly) have a much higher audience to customer conversion rate.

How you ask? Well, imagine being in a crowded place or a busy street, pretty much a stressful place to be, isn’t it? But then, In between a lot of faces you see a walking and talking billboard, instantly grabbing your attention! When you see a person with a billboard strapped to his/her body, you are certainly going to get curious.


What Is A Walking Billboard?

A walking billboard is an effective and unique form of advertising where an individual holds a billboard or signage that delivers a brand’s message to potential customers. These walking advertisers are usually found in highly crowded areas and near the establishments they are advertising. A custom-made walking advertisement can not only give your brand instant attention without fail, but can boost your chances of sales manifolds.


Where and How You See Them?

These Human Billboards or Sign Walkers are found in the busiest marketplaces, main roads, or crosswalks. Basically, anywhere where there are lots of pedestrians and automobile traffic.

These billboards are at most 8ft in height giving an easy 360-degree view for the ongoing traffic.

Let’s look at some effective walking billboard examples below:

·       One of the print media pioneers, Times of India, deployed Human Billboards in Mumbai’s busy streets where they stood one after the other showcasing trending news on their backs.

·       Similarly, McDonald’s had their walking billboards near their establishment where pedestrians were given out free samples of their newly launched food product.

·       In another example, Oppo Mobile Company had a walking Mascot just outside their newly launched store. The bright blue Mascot instantly grabbed visitors’ attention by shaking hands, posing, and clicking selfies using Oppo phones with the pedestrians.


How Can You Benefit?


  • Low on Cost

The Walking Billboard is the most cost-effective way of advertising there is. At times the brands deploy their own employees for advertising their own brands. But, by providing basic training, mostly students, home-makers, retired civilians, etc. form the manpower for such advertising technique.

  • Eco-Friendly

Human Billboards are not only compact, lightweight, and easy to carry billboards, but also come in a Backlit LED version making it environment friendly. Being a temporary form of advertising, it does not take up permanent space and allows the environment to breathe.

  • Get Creative, Not Boring

These Sign Walkers come in LED Backlit as well as Un-lit plain versions. As humans are the ones directly posing as signboards, they are certain to grab attention by just being colourful, waving, dancing in a crowded area. But interacting with potential customers and or even distributing samples can instantly take your brand visibility up a notch amongst your competitors. 

  •  High Conversion Rate

Walking Billboards are a hit when it comes to impulsive buyers. This concept can boost brand recalling amongst such an audience. Here’s where being present at the right place at the right time comes in handy! You never know when such potential customers happen to view your product and if you offer a good quality, they might even refer your brand to their friends and family.


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