How to get started with your Outdoor Advertising

  • By Admin
  • November 08, 2019

logoOutdoor advertising or OOH advertising targets customers when they are out of their homes – commuting or shopping or visiting any public spaces. Studies reveal that people spend around 70% of their time outside their homes. This makes outdoor advertising one of the most attractive advertising channels for brands. With the advent of technology that enables OOH advertisers to link their outdoor ad campaigns to their digital campaigns, Out-of-Home advertising has seen somewhat of a rebirth in recent times. As with any marketing campaign, intensive planning is required before you get started with your OOH campaigns. Define your audience and establish the need for the campaign as a first step. Decide on the message you want to communicate and then locate the audience you want to communicate with. As a next step, find the right medium that takes your message across to your defined customers. Nowadays, detailed analytics are available with OOH advertising companies that help you reach niche customers with your targeted marketing campaigns.

When you book your OOH locations, you can use the above mentions data and intelligence available. Make sure that you cherry-pick the best locations available to reach your prospects effectively. There are technology driven online marketing places like Let’s Play Outdoors that allows you to find the exact locations where you have the best chance to reach your customers.

The next step is to design your campaigns with effective messages. Make sure that you have innovative and engaging designs that catch the attention of the viewers in less than 5 seconds. Integrate your social media handles as well as online and mobile links in to your OOH advertising campaigns. Give your customers every chance to make a purchase decision and complete the purchase immediately. Have QR codes, links to your E-stores, social media handles and customer service centres in your outdoor advertising campaigns like billboards, hoardings, etc.