Out of Home Advertising – The numbers are impressive and still improving

  • By Admin
  • October 30, 2019

logo According to reports, OOH advertising saw a growth of 19% in 2018 and is expected to grow more this year. Out of Home advertising is still seeing a growth as it is quite different from the other traditional advertising channels. Having physical locations for advertising has helped advertises across geography because you are able to expose your ads to potential customers no matter what. They cannot close your outdoor advertisement like a pop-up ad or a YouTube advertisement. When you have placed a billboard advertisement in a prominent locality, chances are that your ad will get more than enough eyeballs. What it translates in to will again depend on the quality of your advertisement and product.

Lot of factors have played a major role in the continuing popularity of OOH advertising channels like billboard ads, hoardings, transit media advertising, etc. People are out of their houses for more than 70% of the time nowadays. The time they spend on the roads have also increased due to the increased travel for their work, the traffic, shopping, etc. This gives your outdoor advertisements more exposure.

The expanding options and opportunities provided by outdoor advertising also have played a huge role in the increased popularity of the medium. Technology has helped to augment the options and the chances of success with outdoor advertising campaigns. Digital billboards, footfall and eyeball analytics, feedback from digital signage, etc. give multiple options for today’s OOH advertising agencies to come up with niche and targeted marketing campaigns. Data is the key here as well and such relevant data has made it easy to calculate the ROI on your outdoor advertising campaigns as well.