Transit Media Advertising – A powerful tool to aid digital marketing

Transit Media Advertising – A powerful tool to aid digital marketing

  • By Super Admin
  • May 25 , 2020

Transit media advertising has been considered to be a conventional marketing tool over the years. Most transit media agencies followed the same pattern and came up with the usual ads with the allocated budgets. With the advent of digital marketing, transit media encountered some roadblocks as most media agencies started to consider OOH marketing obsolete.

However, transit media advertising has made a strong comeback with the help of technology. Intelligent transit media marketers integrated technology tools into the planning and implementation of their campaigns. With highly accurate analytics on the traffic, eyeballs and demographic details of the viewers, transit media advertising companies can now come up with niche campaigns.

With tools like QR codes, web links, instagram and other social tools, transit media is now used to support digital advertising campaigns offline. Transit media has a huge advantage over digital and other advertising channels- Buses and other transit media channels go where the people go. People don’t have to come to your channel to view your messages. Your messages go here the people are present. Most digital marketers now include transit media advertising to augment their digital efforts.

Your bus advertisements or vehicle wraps can now make your viewers take an instant action, unlike the older days. They can scan your messages and visit your website or E-store or avail discounts, offers on your products. You can also make them interact with your customer service team with chat or comment links through your transit media advertisements. From being an attractive channel to build your brand, transit media is now a major channel to instigate action from your customers.