Hoardings in Kolkata 

The revolutionary city at the bangs of the Hoogly river, filled with art, words and culture Kolkata, formerly called Calcutta, is wrapped in a deep knitted in a rich history. Kolkata has the third largest urban economy in India. The city of Kolkata is the commercial, financial and economic hub and gateway for both the east and North-Eastern states of the country. It has a total wealth of $290 million USD divided amongst 4 billionaires and 9600 millionaires. The GDP of Kolkata is estimated to range from $60 to $150 million USD. The Calcutta stock exchange is the second oldest in South Asia and the second-largest bourse in India. Kolkata is also home to the oldest active and sole riverine port of the country. It acts as an interface for the North-eastern states and outside nations. Being just 50 km away from Bangladesh Calcutta apart from Bhubaneswar is the only city in the East to have an international airport. 

The city of Kolkata is the seventh most populous in India, with a population of 14.1 million residents in the Kolkata metropolitan area. The majority of the population are Bengali people followed by large minorities of Bihari and Marwari people. The foreign population started declining in the 20th century, still, they house a very varied demographic of people. Place your hoardings in the “ Cultural Capital of India'', Kolkata and get integrated into the hearts of the most artistic population. Let’s Play Outdoors provides you with the best hoarding advertisements at the most comfortable rates in Kolkata. 

Why do you need Hoardings in Kolkata?

Hoardings or signboards are large pieces of advertisements placed in high locations to grab the attention of the passer-by. It helps brands to create brand awareness, it is most cost-efficient and cannot be ignored like other mediums of advertising. People associate more with the creatives of a billboard making it part of the meme and pop culture. 

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